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 This software offers a number of attractive options, but the two favorites are:

1) You can use our bidding calculators to determine a price:

      You can only “tweek” the numbers to arrive at a competitive yet still profitable price correctly, if you tweek all the numbers.  The math isn’t all that complicated, but doing it over and over again can drive you nuts.  Re-doing calculations over and over is also an easy way to make very expensive mistakes.  Our calculators let you adjust any input numbers you choose, over and over, as many times as you want and instantly provide correct totals.  Making small adjustments to many numbers can make a big difference.

      We won’t give you “industry standard” pricing to start your pricing off with, because they are location specific no matter what anyone tells you, but we will show you how to arrive at your most logical pricing.  You will start with your “first thought” numbers and we’ll show  you how to gently adjust them up and down to fit your particular situation.  Everyone should go through this step by step thought process at least once.  This software instantly recalculates total pricing every time you adjust an hourly or square footage charge, pricing or total sq. ftg. for one or all the different areas for project work (floor and carpet care, window cleaning, pressure washing etc.).  It instantly adjusts total pricing for your changes in daily man-hours for a given day of the week, or the total man-hours for the project with both standard-repetitive janitorial and “turn-key janitorial services.  This software will show you how to bid “turn-key” janitorial by projecting the actual requirements at a facility.  If you adjust an expense projection, it reflects that change in the total pricing also.  You will quickly learn that changing many numbers by just pennies or minutes can turn your bid number from overpriced to competitive.  You will also learn how to fully understand the future account before you bid it.  This software will help in determining a price when you’re first starting out in the industry, or help a seasoned pro review their numbers because they already understand the potential for mistakes.  You may choose to only use this software one time to learn the process and that would be fine, or you may choose to return over and over to check the logic of future bids.  Either way, using it at least one time will help in keeping your business profitable in the future.

2)  You can print a strong, professional proposal or bid right here in your browser.

      Our computer geeks could have easily made this program print numerous pages of industry jargon and unnecessary legal-ease at no additional cost to us.  Those new to the industry would feel their proposal is real important because of the number of pages.  They would also think their prospect will be impressed with it’s thoroughness and size.  It’s been our experience, over and over, that decision makers appreciate one page that answers all the pertinent questions.  A single page proposal not only reflects organization on the vendors part, it also suggests simplicity and clarity in communication toward the future.  Most companies that require additional documentation usually have application forms for additional required information.  Some may feel this is not professional on our part.  It is.  The professional thing to do is to get the account.  It has been our experience, and is our opinion, one page proposals are appropriate for bids up to $100,000 annually.  It’s also our suggestion, all business dealings are reviewed by an attorney and accounts in excess of $100,000 annually should be documented through an attorney.

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