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   Service pricing is tricky!

     We will help you calculate a competitive, but safe price. You want to win the contract, but you also need to MAKE A PROFIT! This easy to use, just fill in the blanks software, will guide you through determining a price and printing a well informed, intelligent bid!

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commercial janitorial bidding softwareOval Callout: “ I’ve been in this business all my life. Now I just use these guys to check my numbers. But, they saved me big-time a while back, so it’s a good thing. ”

Bid and proposal examples on our home page!

This simple, step by step, process will offer you a very clear picture of your next account.

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If you would like, you can print the carry sheet free right now.  We just put the small carry sheet program online as a freebie.  Although this small program doesn’t show you how to adjust your numbers and arrive at the correct price to bid, it will print your current pricing and give you a handy reference sheet.  It will also verify that your computer can run this software without any problems.

Bid and proposal examples on our home page!  Click here to print a FREE “carry sheet” of YOUR PRICING!



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