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     How to successfully operate a cleaning business is very similar to your search query.

Please follow the buttons on the left for help with your question or project.  There is a lot of industry information on the various pages and many helpful tools also.  This site will aid you with information about How to successfully operate a cleaning business.


     Facility Support maintains a team of experienced industry professionals, available to both our contractors and facility managers, in an effort to help commercial cleaning industry contractors fine tune their operation and grow their janitorial or construction cleaning business to it’s maximum potential.  Contractors, as well as clients, have mandatory requirements to be met and they are easily addressed through communication and documentation.


     This website is an effort to share some of what we have learned over the years.  The links on the left, cover some of the industry basics and we will be adding more shortly.  We have included a cleaning industry bid and proposal calculating software program here.  This is the program we use and it was included for two reasons.  First…. It offers substantial clarity to bidding and understanding a job.  Secondly, when people use it, not only will it dramatically help them, but we may make enough money to cover the expense of this site!

     Always remember keeping it simple is the key.  Write it down, return and review it and never let the line of communication be broken.  Most contractors don’t realize this, but finding an honest, consistent commercial cleaning contractor is every bit as difficult as finding a good account.  If your company cannot, or will not, consistently accomplish the picture you painted for your client on day one, please don’t quit your day job.  I hope this site will help you accomplish your goals.


 - Thomas Anthony - Facility Support



Please enjoy this site and good luck with How to successfully operate a cleaning business.


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